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Anyone with this in their name (first,mid,last) is a sick c*nt. they are the descendant of a great hero name Herox Ebbelsio. They incorporate the traits of the hero, but not just some, all of them.

These characteristics are -

- an all round great person

- incredibly funny
- short

- skinny

- small muscle

- Fast reflexes

- general lack of in-depth knowledge

- opportunistic

- small genitals (for males, small penis. For females, small breasts)

- smooth, silky hair.

- good at most athletic activities.
person 1 - "Did you hear about that Daniel kid?"
person 2 - "No, why?"
person 1 - "He's really good at everything, but he's small in every way. EVERY way."
person 2 - "Must be an Ebbels."
person 1 - "Agreed."
by sws9742 October 26, 2011
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