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Very Very simalar to Eavesbooking.

This is the act of reading a discussion/conversation between 2+ other people on a social networking site with/without their knowledge and then deciding your input whether intelligable or inane is NECESSARY and then contributing your own input to or asking questions about the discussion.

Occasionally this is deemed acceptable if one makes a valid point that backs up someone’s argument. The majority of the time though you are butting in to a discussion that you know little to nothing about and your arbitrary comment actually changes the direction or greatly hinders the conversation.

Extremely annoying to try to explain what they missed, what they are asking about, and why they should mind their own business. One ends up looking like a nosy doucebag most of the time when they attempt to eavesreply
Suhamm: So anyways, I was yelling and lady thought I was yelling at her so she turned around?

Tia: That is crazy, did she like do anything?

Suhamm: No she drove by slow and glared and then drove off, I dont care she was ugly anyways LOL

Randyloveshisdp: wait what happened? You yelled at some lady?

Suhamm: No OMG, nm, randy dont worry about it!

Tia: who's that? why's he eavesresponding??

Randyloveshisdp:what'd I say?

by Randoni May 11, 2010
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