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A school located in Melbourne Florida.
It's where people who think they're hard or forgot to tell their boyfriends to wear a condom go. Eau Gallie has one of the largest childcare programs in Melbourne Florida. The rest of the population consists of kids who think they're cool because they come to school high. Across the street there is a place called "The Dam" where these so called "Hard Kids" like to go to get high. Ironically enough "The Dam" is located right behind a church. So, if you're "Hard" and religious, or just pregnant, Eau Gallie High school is the school for you.
Hey, I just go knocked up, so I have to go to Eau Gallie High School now... :/

Woah dude, I just got a whole bunch of hash, good thing we go to Eau Gallie, and have that lovely dam we can smoke it at.
by DantasticG December 23, 2010
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A school in Melbourne Florida where it's full of kids that troll (John Freson) to name the best. People use the term "no homo" before they say something gay. Its also full of people who think they're hard even though they couldn't lift a fork. It also has a tunnel or railed pavilion next to the second story of the double building that makes you eager to jump on it...
1.Eau Gallie high school is the best school to be found... get trolled...
2. Eau Gallie high school can hop on it... No Homo...
by True definitionz March 04, 2018
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