Oral sex in the vagina,

In basic terms licking a cunt.
Person A: I want to do one more thing with you
Person B: What then?
Person A: Eat you out
by dotoriton May 2, 2010
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v: To eat someone out is to allow them into your house and let them eat food from your house for free. Different verb tense of the term "smoke out".
J-Thizz: "Natalie, smoke me out tommorrow."
Natalie: "No i already did, what have you done for me?"
J-Thizz: "I'll eat you out at my house today!"
by J-Thizz May 23, 2008
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1. Terrible place for anyone outside the state...hell, terrible for anyone outside the city.

2. Ignorant, lazy, pathetic, fat, stupid people sweating in a city that is unbelieveably hot.

3. Terrible education system. Kids walk around dirty, speaking broken english and breaking into cars.

4. Absolutely no progress. This city has no decent jobs, it is nearly impossible to become middle class,has ugly architecture, huge bugs and refuses to live in the 21st century! I am black and I am telling other blacks here, "SLAVERY IS OVER!!! MARTIN LUTHER KING IS DEAD!!! GET A DAMN JOB, PUT YOUR KIDS IN THE TUB AND STOP LYING AROUND WAITING FOR HANDOUTS!!!" People make me sick.

5. The place where I will not raise my children! I am leaving here after my lease ends which is 2008, and heading for DC, Atlanta or New York City.

6. Closed minded to anyone who is not american black or white, Christian, conservative and overweight. Must like huge amounts of pork, bar-b-q, trash talking other people that are not like you and eating until your blood pressure is 300/200. Must not want to weigh less than 350 pounds.
Well I said quite a bit in the definition; but I will repeat here. If you wish to live in Memphis, you must like to eat until you pass out, steal, murder, refuse to speak proper english, talk about the white man holdin' you down daily, reject education, talk loudly, have several kids with different men yet talk about Jesus to whoever will listen, eat pork and not have any concept of what is happening outside of the city.
by Jennifer123 July 14, 2006
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