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People who drive 3 series BMWs (as in BMWs entry level sedan) and think they own the road. These people are usually rich but not Wealthy, so dont waste your time with them. Wealthy people would probably actually own the road and a minimum of a 7 series BMW. (Refer to Example One)

Note: Example Two and Three are variations of this definition.
Example 1:
Humphrey: Hey Muffy would you like to go for a ride in my new BMW?
Muffy: Easy Three Series, who do you think you are, call me when your driving at least a 7 series.

Example 2:
Ronald: You bought a three series for your son?
Maddison: As a matter of fact, I did. I know...I spoil Fredrick too often.
Ronald: I wouldn't call it spoil. I would call it embarrass.

Example 3:
Abygail: Look at that Bimmer! It's a beaute.
Harrison: Easy its a three series.
by AlainAlain February 25, 2007
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