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A strong, beautiful name for a girl. Those with the name abygail are beautiful, cute, pretty, strong, willful, music lovers, unique, the sexiest girl you will ever see. They know what they want, and are succesful in life, they see the world like nobody else, they realize the reality and truth in this world. They can cheer anyone up. They know how to make anyone laugh, at any time. They're optimistic, and stand out of the crowd anywhere. They have brilliant eyes that look at you with a graceful beauty.
optimistic Abygail
by nyan noodle December 28, 2011
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A dumb ass girl that never achieves their dream because that hold themselves back and blame otherso for their failure and other misfortune.In other words she is a complete degenerate ass hole that doesn't get sit done or make progress with anything ever.But there is a twist she can be a good natural fun-loving person if she doesn't blame anyone for things that are her fault and if she isn't so salty all the time.
S1: Who's that?
S2:She is how do I say , an Abygail,a choch
S1:Oh god no I was gonna date boy thanks
S2:np wouldn't want the new kid to ruin his rep on the first day
S1:See you later thanks again
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by MeRealSmart123 February 15, 2018
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