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Easton is a small primarily white town about 40 minutes south of Boston. Easton residents catch a bad rep from many surrounding communities, due to the fact they are generally more wealthy. The school produces smart students, often excelling in MCAS and SAT scores. Even some of the drop outs are smart.
Don't think for a second that because of the wealth Easton is soft. Last year, (2012) 3 of the strongest members of the football team each fought a member of Rival Stoughton "Tough Town"'s team. Easton fighters won all 3 fights, solidifying that Tough Town is not actually that tough. OA class of 2012 stand up!
Sports are quite successful at Oliver Ames. Usually the football team is one of the weakest teams, but a super bowl birth has brought new life to the program. Boys Soccer and Baseball have had great success. Girls athletics always seem to produce at least one state champion.
Not a lot to do in Easton though, a lot of kids just drive around smoking weed, or go to a girls basement and binge drink. As age increases, so has the drug problem. Molly, LSD, Shrooms, Cocaine, and Heroine are prominent drugs in the area. Cops are all over the drug scene though, as they have nothing better to do.
A lot of Easton Kids are well rounded, smart, caring students. Some of them are stuck up tools though, as there are groups like that in every town. Easton is a nice place to live, and produces many great young men and women from its school system.
Jimmy-Yo, whattup dog whats good in Easton, Ma today?
Trev- nothin man, bored as fuck. Yo, you wanna burn?
Jimmy- hell ya, just another day in the life
by That Dude from Easton October 28, 2012
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