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A large jacked up truck (could be Chevy, Ford or Dodge) that young teenagers to middle aged rednecks think are Ferraris.

You can spot these by the trucks being jacked up way higher than they need to be (these pieces of shit can't get out of their own way, much less drive over another vehicle like the owners claim they can), they have loud exhaust that is so loud and raunchy, you would think it was the sound of a Chevy and a Ford fuckin a Harley Davidson in the asshole. This is due to glass packs usually, because they need the motor to sound tougher than a 302, 305 or the shitty V6 most of them have.

You can also spot these misguided idiots spinning wheels in the rain, because they don't do much any other time.

You can typically outrun these vehicles with something as fast as a 94 or up Corolla. The only reason most win a race is because they floor the gas next to you and the loud exhaust sounds so horrible and redneckish, it jolts your brain with visions of sisters screwin brothers, people with teeth missing, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the assrape scene from the movie "Deliverance".

The F40 of these tirds are the ones that backfire like a shotgun. This results in making the other owners of these vehicles very aroused!

The ones that have neon lights inside or out and have the gay L.E.D. strip on the bumper are motherfuckin Enzos!!
Person 1: My truck could run over your little Civic!

Person 2: That Eastern Shore Ferrari? Be realistic, it could only run over curbs and deer!
by Peevedtodeath October 16, 2010
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