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The best field hockey team in new jersey. The girls work their asses off day and night. Their coach is one of the best coaches in the nation, not only is she extremely hard on the girls but she pushes them to strive their greatness. Every girl who graduates from eastern playing field hockey is going D1. Their coach hand makes D1 athletes. Their practices go longer then any other sport at the school. All the girls lift like crazy during the off season, and come back every season stronger then the football team. Before every practice they have an hour of some type of crazy hard run their coach makes up. Every girl on the team is committed all year round and they train like an animal. If you date a girl that plays field hockey for Eastern in New Jersey, Most likely she will out run you, out lift you, out footwork you, and kick your ass. These girls spend their summer training their ASSES off, while still saving some nights to have fun. The team gets better and better every year. Eastern field hockey team could destroy anyone’s football team. Winning their field hockey games 13-0 and have a 20 year streak of being state champs. These girls are beasts.
She plays field hockey at Eastern.... she’s a stud.

Eastern field hockey girls always go D1

Eastern Field Hockey is insane
by Field Hockey June 04, 2018
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