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East Mims is an area in Mims that has it's hood parts, yet you still get preachers and uptown gangstas coming out of there.
East Mims be right below Res and above Titusville ( Lil City) in Florida on the Space Coast.. we flyin high wit NASA out here.

a lot the area here is woods and swamps and groves. we got the river, it border us da whole east side. folks be out there sippin sweet tea or a lil purple or sumthin jus chillin. some folks be old school an keep chickens and some still follow the old ways Yoruba/or Lucumi religion and all dat.
mad people is poor, yet despite the struggle many still make it.

east mims borders on the res area, yet there no problems. crackheads vs methheads and ain't nobody on either side want neither of them.
we do got dense woods yet we got good fishing spots. ryde or die wit tha dirtbikes out there and 4 wheelin'

we break bread with others and have outdoor parties in the summer. you always see folks outside chillin and ya'll wave to one another.
It is a rural area where everybody know one another.
where uptown homie from? oh, he from east mims

i'ma go catch the last bus from lil city to hit up my cousins in east mims

i got a crush on dat hot girl from east mims she got yoruba values
by King1ce4life June 11, 2013
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