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'EaryDayImTrollin is a professional internet troller who appears on multiple websites and is paid to communicate on websites with noobs in order to broden their knoweldge on basic info smart people already know. He doesn't take shit from shit and isnt afraid to scrap for crap. His favorite quotes and catch lines are "COME AT ME BRO" and "IF IT AINT CRACKIN, IT DIDN HAPPEN!." They are known to reside in Oklahoma, US but no one knows the real origins of them because they're a BAMF and are like a secret agent. The only website they don't troll is Wikipedia (That includes every porn site online) and so urban dictionary loves them and keeps this page running at top notch apple ipod platinum degree.'
GUY 1: Dude, I totally ran into EaryDayImTrollin online today!

GUY 2: Really? No way!

GUY 1: Yea, he totally looked at me and said "COME AT ME BRO!"
by earydayimtrollin October 06, 2011
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