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Basically, you just take everything that makes you honest, everything you know and love, and allow it to be certain until you find out otherwise, and then you allow the earth to open your eyes to whatever it really is. You have to blend your point of view with what you feel is right, with what is actually right, but not because anyone tells you to, but because you know it's right. It's kind of like accepting whatever is opposite of you without giving up who you are. Not in a way that would hurt you though. It's more like half-adapting. But only if you are really truly a good person.

Think about something you hate, and learn about it, don't become it, well, unless you want to and that it is actually right, but if it's not don't try to ruin it, but instead show it the way so to speak. Not with fighting, not with persuasion, manipulation or shame, but showing. At all costs while learning be sure whatever it is doesn't hurt you. For that you need to be strong. In case it tries to. Not everything is earthtistic.
"Whoa, what's up with him? I don't like him much but he's good people to me. (And years later i tend to want to be him.)"

"oh, he's earthtistic"

IE. If Rainman was autistic and smart but couldn't connect easily, maybe the ideal earth-based human would be earthtistic.
by Buddha Ghandi Christ June 01, 2011
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