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When one feels the urge to arrive pointlessly early at a meeting point/lesson or place of work.

Symptoms may include....fear of lateness, sweaty/clammy hands, paranoia, anixety, redness in the cheeks, pacing arround frantically, waking up ridiculously early, irrational time keeping and setting of for destinations ridigly early just in case....
Example Earlyitis Syndrome:

Iain: Are we setting off in a minute we have to be at the hydro pool by 8.30am

Andy: No mate not yet, its only 5 past 8 and it takes two mins to get there no one will be there yet.

Iain: Well i'm going to set off just in case.

Andy arrives at 8.25am, anyone here yet Iain?

Iain: No mate, just me...wonder where everyone else is?

Andy: Probably still on the way mate for a guess...

Iain: Yer probably, I was getting worried there that no-one was going to turn up and I was in the wrong place!
by TylerDurdencfc November 09, 2011
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