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A derogatory term which describes promiscuous women who seek attention by running loud commentaries on unfolding situations in public places such as shopping centres, cinemas, public transport and workplace. Earhoes are loud talking noise polluters who shout out sarcastic remarks in a form of a joke or as a friendly gesture when no one really cares. Their embarrassingly loud phone conversation that's private, juicy and not so philosophical is micro phoned for the city block to hear but at the same time they're scoping their eyes to see if anyone is listening to their conversation. Earhoes are weapons of harrassment who are rude, annoying with no sense of social decorum. They are inconsiderate conversationalists who find no shame in discussing who they shagged the night before and how long their orgasm lasted. They're attention seeking hoes with loud mouth habits that usually stem from home, just plain ignorant with no concern about their surroundings.
Earhoe: " I've had the best couple of days in my life," Shazza. "For the first time in my life, my fifteen minutes of fame finally came true. The local pub ran a Karaoke competition and I won a black dildo and a Walmart voucher for $20, YAAAAYYYYY, I'm so freakin excited, never won anything in my life. Tonight is the night where I give my bitch an anal."

Starbucks worker: "Jon, "Can you push her order forward and get her out of here ASAP, she's making my ears bleed and tarnishing our reputation"
by Black bolder May 22, 2018
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