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A common spelling error among people trying to write "eargasm", because they are so blown away by the awesome music they are listening to, which gave them an eargasm, causing these spelling errors.

Is not related to a physical orgasm.
"A: Dude, I'm listening to the new David Guetta remix of that song... eargasam!!!
B: It's eargasm bro... awesome song though"
by Stylsvig April 12, 2011
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whenever you hear a song so good, you just HAVE to eargasam. not related to sex. sort of like when you listen to a song you really like and it gives you butterflies, THATS an eargasam.
OMG! I was listening to this song and i eargasamed so much that i had to get up and dance!!!!
by xx_stellar October 26, 2005
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