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An intentional decision that an individual or groups makes to intervene in a situation that is or has the potential to become risky, dangerous, or an emergency.
He was funneling beers and then wanted to drive his car. So we decided to EagleCheck him by taking his keys for the night and giving him water.

Our two friends were making out but had been drinking all night. They wanted to hookup but we chose to EagleCheck them to prevent anything risky for happening.
by partysmartbrockport May 07, 2017
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An act of kindness intended to intercept a sexually inappropriate act performed by a responsible peer. Often considered "cock blocking".

A nationally accredited program at SUNY Brockport. Most commonly performed by jealous bitties.
Jenna: How was last night?
Mike: Great until I was about to get it in, and her stupid fat friend eagle checked my shit!
Jenna: What a cock blocker!

"I was walking down the street and saw a rape goin down so I eagle checked that mother fucker. I guess you could call me a hero."
by Ells Worth October 13, 2011
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