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The combination of the first letter of first name E as well as the first half of any last name that starts with Wes--. This is typically said in a two toned E...WESS with the pause in the middle denoting the importance of the person speaking. This is a term that applies to many people both at the University of Chicago and around the country. An EWess oftentimes is a that kid, but seems to be the only person to pull it off. A giant asshole most of the time, EWess-es manage to sound incredibly rude, sometimes racist and oftentimes downright stupid, but pull it off in a manner that does not alienate people and instead garners friends. This is a term that applies to very few people the world over, but they are oftentimes the best people.
Person One: That Eric is SUCH an EWess! Earlier today he was making fun of developmentally challenged children.

Person Two: Yea, he is such a that kid in class. I heard he was trying to bring swear words into the classroom because he claims that words have no value.

Person Three: I like him anyway.
by MastorDebator March 01, 2011
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