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The common reference to children with the tendency to show early signs of gayness in life. Stands for Elex wails animals like kangaroos 5X. Common symptoms:
1. Enjoy playing various sports as it allows them to rub up against other guys and touch there no-no spots.
2.Most common sport obsession is basketball because of all the ball handling-often idolize Tracy McGrady and Jake Plummer because of their impacts on the gay community.
3. Will cry often when being de-pants in public places or when missing favorite anime on Toonami.
If those symptoms occur you may have a case of EWALK5 on your hands.
Mom: Whats wrong with my child why does he like touching all of action figures in really weird ways, and rubbing basketballs on his scrotum.
Doctor: Your son has a case of EWALK5!
Mom: Oh my god, doctor, put him down.
Random Kid 1 : Why is that kid humping basketballs and Broncos football helmets.
Random Kid 2 : I think he has a rare case of EWALK5 thats why he is whacking off to a pic of Brady Quinn.
EWALK5 Pateint: yeah notre dame(jizzs on kids)
by Elex Walker August 26, 2006
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