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The Virus your PC gets when you go to too many unsafe porn sites.
My Brother was surfing the net last night, now the hard drives full of ESTD's and there's little hairs in the keyboard. Grody.
by Captain Paul June 02, 2005
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Pronounced ee-stid, is an electronic STD contracted from viewing too much internet porn.

i.e. a computer virus
Your computer is slow as shit! How many fucking E-STDs have you got?
by D-Lines October 19, 2008
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Acronym for "Easier said than done". In other words, the task at hand is easy to discuss but would be far more difficult to actually accomplish.
<Pinky> Let's take over the world, Brain!
<Brain> ESTD, Pinky...
by Dr Fruitcake July 27, 2004
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