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East Side Okieville is where the realest East Siders live. If you smart don't talk shit about ESOV unless you wanna get smacked. Most of the people there hate, can't stand or just don't fuck with any Pri's, or South East Niggas, they also don't like Scraps, well who does. It is home of FHS. When people think of Okieville they think of a Place with a bunch of white people, but it is like 60% Mexicans and 30% White and 10% other. No matter what the color of your skin is, if your raised in Okieville your an Okie, be proud, don't feel bad if someone calls you an Okie, be like yeah nigga I'm an Okie . It is a hotspot for Tweaker's too, so don't think it looks like a rich neighborhood, it looks like another Neighborhood in Stockton, just this one has the most Spirit, Heart, and has a Low crime rate compared to other parts. Don't think its full of pussies cuz it ain't. ESOV Over the rest.
Aye bruh let's slide to ESOV , they got some good Fire, that shit will fuck you up.
by LMHThareal209 January 23, 2015
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