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ESKAPADE Es-ka-pade


1. A dangerous,
mischievous, unlawful adventure.

2. Any exciting, risky venture that runs counter to approved or conventional conduct.

(see amok) or (dope brand).

ESKAPADE clothing brand
Eskapade allows you to draw your own connection to the brand depending on the reality of your life, from running amok in the streets to striving to achieve your dreams. Collective individuality and personal strength is what created and took hip hop, surf, sk8, & graffiti (to name a few) to new levels, breaking boundaries and rules relentlessly.
est 2009 in New Zealand.
Founder; Rio Cartman
We surfed all day in shark infested waters on 20 foot waves all while avoiding the relentless police efforts to stop us for trespassing on private property, what an eskapade!

Were going to run a eskapade of skating, drinking and grafitti through the city tonight.

Snowboarding eskapade out of bounds and getting chased by the ski patrol.
by ESKAPADE November 02, 2009
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