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To have no abilities with the ladies, to think you're funny but not be, to be incredibly awkward and indecisive, to develop crushes on people but let other people hook up with them because making a move requires too much effort
1) Person 1: "I saw this girl I liked but I didn't do anything about it"
Person 2: "How ESGeasy of you"

2) Person 1: "Hey man, do you want this free alcohol?"
Person 2: "Oh, I don't know"
Person 1: "Stop being so ESGeasy"

3) Person 1: "If James Bond is in a bar, and the person ahead of him orders a martini, shaken, not stirred, what does James Bond order?" Followed by awkward hand gesture to invite laughter
Person 2: "That's such an ESGeasy joke."
by Frank Fioretti April 26, 2008
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