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A personality type. ERBJs are intelligent yet have emotions. They like spending time alone or with people. They are known for sometimes being punctual, but are also sometimes procrastinators. Often, ERBJs are into technology; sometimes this is replaced with a love of the arts. They are known to their friends as having a unique personality. ERBJs tend to like eating food, particularly cheese. Possible careers for ERBJs include circus personnel; hotel managers; used car salesmen; business executives; children's book writers; and fire alarm technicians. Famous ERBJs include Basil Rathbone, Lesley Ann Warren, Christopher Walken, Rufus Wainwright, Felicity Huffman, and Greg Giraldo. ERBJs are most compatible romantically with INTPs. ERBJs are gaining reputability in MBTI groups on facebook.
"My best friend is an ERBJ!"
by ERBJ enthusiast March 20, 2013
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