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The accronym "EGMEA" (pronounced as one word) stands for Ethnic Gangmember(s) of a Middle Eastern Appearance, most commonly used by Australian police and media to stereotype and label young male Australians of ethnic backgrounds such as Lebanese Australians, Iraqi Australians and Turkish Australians. The label may also sometimes extend to Italian Australians and Greek Australians due to resembling Middle Easterners by having a similar "wog" accent, driving similar "done up" cars and being strongly attatched to their culture, language and their mother country.

The term has now (post 2005 Cronulla Race Riots) been widely used among Middle Eastern youths throughout Australia to identify themselves although it's considered to be offensive when used by someone who's not Middle Eastern, just like the use of the "nigger" slur among African Americans.
Police: You Ethnic Gangmembers of a Middle Eastern Appearance need to assimilate and stop driving illegally modified cars.
Ethnic youngster: lak omg bro why are you pigs always hating on us EGMEAs man, why don't u go have a donut and get off our case
by Numba1 Egmea June 06, 2007
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