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E.S Locos is another gang that includes salvadorian's in them..They are dangerous as much as MS 13 is..This gang is like another MS 13 and also works with MS 13..This gang started in North Bergen nd is working their way through all of the united states..The name means E.S for El Salvador and Locos becuz they basically go crazy..crazy in spanish is loco..It's funny how it started it was four cousins that wanted to start a crew..They first named themselves Roc'Boyz..but that name was already in use so they changed it to E.S Locos..the people in it are mostly the people that started it's family members..but yet there are many joining..To get in it just don't wrry about it just go see them..U Better Not Mess Wit Them Cuz They R Not Fun 2 Mess Wit!!!
Don't mess wit the E.S Locos they go crazy.
by Go0Fii March 01, 2009
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