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Eyes Pointing in Different Directions

Usually used to describe terrible pictures where one is incredibly beamed, stoned, drunk, or under some form of intoxication and their eyes are pointing in different directions.

One looks incredibly stupid in said photo, regrets immediately what they did, attempts to remeber what they did, fails, bitches at picture poster, is flamed by entire internet community and the retard's friends.
Guy 1: DUDE, I saw your picture on Junk Sale last night! You're totally E.P.D.D!

E.P.D.D Guy: WTF? ... Fuuuuuuck!


Girl 1: Omg, I would change your facebook display pic if I were you.

Girl 2: Why? Whats wrong with it *examines photo closely*

Girl 1: You look retarded, your E.P.D.D. lol
by Lupeys April 04, 2010
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