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A proverbnounjective commonly used to describe people when in an unfamiliar circumstance tend to disagree with the factors relating to the activities, such as, and exclusively, becoming an e-wod.

E-wod originated from the great philosoboshers and laddergoat worshippers, Lord Hhoman Tors and Dame Heghas Mowelln (mandem). Invented in late April 2010, pon de Chambers hall weekly 'Messathon' sessions, the term seems to be inclusively understood by the two sole creators. It is thought that e-wod derived from electronic conversations held that day. This has not yet been confirmed. And it won't ever, as it is secret like the Coronal's recipe.

It has been reported that upon the 'birth' of e-wod, much polos were present and talk of trips to Guernsey were in the pipeLINE, along with the painstaking task of solving and understanding anagrams (marnragas and granasam).

Anyway, enough of the small talk, lets get down to the nitty gritty, reeeeally hone in on the subject, you know cut the crap pon de situ, put your brain to the test (or at least attempt to hoover up in Boshington tunnel), come and have a go if you think you're well'ard mush. You must be so gosh-darn cool.

To conlude, e-wod was aimed at Oopnam (the name has been anagrammed to protect her guji's) and is not a phrase to be taken lightly. Keep away from small children and naked flames. I am end.
:::Example #1:::

"Oh my god, why are you being such an e-wod?"

:::Example #2:::

Fred: So I was like walking down the street and he was there...

Tsimfuckis: That crazy e-wod from the Bronx? He's one of the homies, I got his back for real.

Fred: Oh my god! I totally thought he was a little squirrel thing!!

:::Example #3:::

"This is another example of how to correctly use e-wod in a real life situation".
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