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The apex version of a egirl. E-Succubus can most commonly be found on (or sometimes YouTube) streaming popular games such as fortnite, counterstike, league of legends, etc. The reason why they are the final evolution of the e-thot is because of the amount of times they show off their body on stream despite being terrible at the game. Greater than the lower evolutions, ( egirl ethot ) They have the most amount of White Knights out of all evolutions that donate thousands of dollars to them just to see what would only be considered ecchi or softcore non nudity porn.They are essentially camgirls with a horrible personality trying to take as much money on streams as they can without getting banned.

They’ll have “friends” and “boyfriends” that they’ll hang out with until they simply either

1. Run out of money
2. Refuse to buy them skins or boost their game
3. Accuse them of being any of the evolutions of a egirl.

They will basically suck everything but your dick.

E-succubus cannot be taken down by 1 person because of their sheer number of white knights. If you encounter one consider these pieces of advice.

1. Notify thot patrol

2. Gather your own squad
3. Notify multiple communities and fandoms (Numbers are important when fighting them)
4.Gather a lot of undeniable eveidence and recreate the crime for extra proof
5. Use all the above to make a well structured YouTube video
Guy 1: I gotta go man. I wanna go home and watch twitch for “reasons” if you catch my drift.

Woke nigga: Don’t give your money to any E-succubus on their. Just watch cam girls instead.
by ThotHuntet June 12, 2018
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