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Street gang from San Francisco's Excelsior District. Excelsior Mob.
"imma kicc it them E-Mob niggas over at Crocker nigga"
by J.Peezy October 15, 2006
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Eat Me Out, Bitch
A term equal to SMD but for girls.

Can not be used without emphasizing the B.
Person 1: You look ugly?
Person 2: EMOB!
by Kellah Devani March 27, 2011
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A large group of people (Social Justice Warriors) on Social Media , especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble, getting someone fired, destroying a reputation of a business or shutting people down .
A commonly used tactic of feminists and Social Justice Warriors - when they get offended by something or someone.
I Offended a feminist and she set her E-Mob on me and my workplace to destroy our reputations.
by Offendotrons January 17, 2017
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a gang from Lemay county located in ST. Louis,MO (da lou)
you fuck with the E-mob
by LiL DiRtY September 29, 2004
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a pussy ass wannabe gang of freshman and sophomores at oak ridge high school. they'd actually piss their pants if they saw a real gang. caused havoc at school, making all hell break loose. people got arrested and dumb shit like that. aka: A BUNCH OF PUSSIES
did you hear about emob? yeah, I hope they fuck a duck, school police made me walk through a metal detector , I had to throw away my juul!!!
by tj harvey May 16, 2018
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An e-MOB is a large number of anonymous angry users of mass media that attack a person, group or idea in an attempt to control a political situation and suppress opposing views by writing intimidating, accusatory and even libelous lies through public media channels. JFB July 23, 2018
The largest e-MOB ever has manifested itself against the separation of immigrant families at the borders.
by Magus Memories July 23, 2018
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