A type of subculture popular on the social media app TikTok,

typically the girls have: bangs, shorter hair, sometimes dyed, darker colored or pastel clothing, some sort of face piercing
boys have: longer curly hair, baggy sweaters , beanies and sometimes face piercings

styles can be compared to emo or "softboys" and usually both parties have some kind of interest in anime
"Man, I really need me a tiktok E-Girl/E-Boy"
by Daisy Kaufmann January 14, 2019
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An electronic girl, or “eGirl,” is depicted as an emotional woman who attempts to attention whore and romanticize prospective chad gamers, or fuckboys, the “eThirsties” and calling them “daddy” in order to bribe guys to buy them things. While they may seem attached, they will pledge their so-called “loyalty” by misconceiving you and tens of other unsuspecting guys she's dating on the low, by concealing her intentions with her irl crush. Note that there is no such thing as “eBoys,” unless that male is heterophobic or is attracted to their own gender.
Adrianna: UwU OwO daddy can u buy me ROBUX
Charles: Sure :)
Tyrone: She calls me daddy too :)
Debo: Me too. :D
Tyrone: ... Nigga what? :/
E-Girl/E-Boy Andy: don't worry, you can be my daddy. ;)
by eSportsNigga March 5, 2019
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