when somebody has everything except (EE) sex i.e blow job, fingering, eatten out
James: melissa how was your night?
Melissa: well he fingered me, ate me out, and i gave him a blow job
James: oh so you had an E squared?
Melissa: What the F?
by xchadx xbrox xchillx March 26, 2008
E-square is an electronic cigarette, or E-cigarette. It comes in different flavors and usually contains nicotine. E-square also contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin but no tar so there's no lung cancer, but nicotine could cause dependence. E-squares are for adults 18 and over only. In the US, they bumped it up to 21 and over. An E-square is a vape.
Josh: Can I get an E-square?

Steve: Sure! Here's a juul.
*Josh starts vaping.
by HawaiianPunch1 November 2, 2022