A cult ran by 4 E-Boys that play Minecraft whilst wearing a cow head. The superior cult and the members of it will cri for the rest of eternity. They sing TikTok songs nonstop and probably are aged 9. Seriously tho, if you get jumped by these peeps you are practically dead.
Person 1: mum who are they?????
Mum: oh it's nobody, we'll be fine

Jonas: hey
Flamin: hey
Goofy: hey
Icee: hey
Sydney: hey
Soft: hey
Helena: hey
Lys: hey
*next day*
son and daughter murdered in alleyway by the E-Boy Cow Cult
by le uwu king August 11, 2020
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I'm in the E Cult server ! It's a great server
by E CULT October 16, 2021
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the biggest load of scum known to man
friend: i heard the e cult are good
me: you dare oppose me mortal
by h cult official April 22, 2021
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