internet boo, our aqquantaince one fancies or likes.
my E - boo has never cheated on me with anyone else on yahoo, but he has a real girlfreind.
by MICHEL'LE M. November 4, 2007
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E-boo-boos occur frequently on internet message boards when insults, jabs, barbs, zings, and snarky, sarcastic comments are directed at thin skinned individuals who can't take it and go running to the board admins to complain that their feelings have been hurt.
Example of E-boo-boo
ghendar: From now V**R**** will be known as VJB

V**R****: wah, wah, wah. Board admin!!! They're picking on me!

Board Admin (to rest of board): All your zing are belong to me. Stop it or I'll ban you.
by ghendar May 1, 2009
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