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A main character in the popular teen girl books, The Clique Series. Dylan Marvil is a member of the girls' clique, the Pretty Committee. Is constantly obsessed with losing weight, even though she is far from fat.
Dylan Marvil: I wish I could be as skinny as you.
Girl: Dude, you're skinnier.
Dylan Marvil: (pulls out a nutrition bar) But I'm FAAAAAAAATT!
by Ann O'Nonymous June 27, 2008
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A member of The Pretty Committee from the famous The Clique books by Lisi Harrison. She has curly red hair and loves to eat. She is always on different kinds of diets because she thinks she's fat even though she is a size 2. She thinks farts and burps are funny and often burps words to loosen tension between her group and make everyone laugh. Her mother is Merri-Lee Marvil, the host of the Daily Grind, the number one talk show in America. Her style is: anything that looks good and makes her look thinner.
Massie Block: Ehmagawd! You're on ANOTHER diet? What happened to the last one?

Dylan Marvil: It didn't let me eat anything but cabbages. ew

Claire Lyons: Why are you always on so many diets? You're so skinny!!

Dylan Marvil: The question is, how are YOU so skinny when all you eat are gummies! Maybe that should be my next diet... hmm...

Massie and Claire roll their eyes
by Hidis July 16, 2011
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