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Ancient form of martial arts kept in total silence from the world until it's recent emergence into a handful of the worlds cultures. All within the past 50 years or so. It has always been kept hush hush, with instructors carefully selecting a rare female student that must meet each of the three criteria: A) must be devoid of any element of feminist. B) has an unnatural and totally unprovoked hatred toward any penis-bearing person C) is so manly that even the slightest reference to her in a vaguely sexual sense will burn the ears of he who heard it, then cause him to gouge out his own eyes and remove and eat his own penis to ensure his own safety. This style of hate-fighting is consisted of 90% fist-based manuvering
Did u see that she-man? Of course I handed my wallet over in fear of a dyke-Kwon-do whooping
by JimMuthaFuckinJones March 30, 2017
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