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xxxmasterofuxxx's bitch.
1.Master's bitch.

Example: Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey, along came a spider who remarked that DxHydra was Miss Muffet and her tuffet was xxxmasterofuxxx, and in horror, ran away.

2. Prostitutes were never little Johnny's thing. He wanted to wait, like a good christian lad. But one day he was tricked into getting into the back of xxxmasterofuxxx's ice cream van and was raped for hours, after which Johnny firmly belived his name was DxHydra and that he was, indeed, master's bitch.

3. If DxHydra were a cat, xxxmasterofuxxx would be the 31 year old virgin living in his mother's basement who fucks it during his breaks from WoW.

4. Dx + Hydra = master's bitch
by Anti takes things to far, lulz November 10, 2008
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