An event when a young kid turns 13 years old and they get older and everybody throws confetti at them.
I remember my dwimplepeen. There was such much confetti that I still find some of it in my clothes!
by Agent Tony Gunk October 6, 2016
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A holiday that occurs multiple times a year in certain central California drug addicts social circles. Dwimplepeen is a time of indulgence and hedonism. Massive amounts of Crystal meth and heroin are consumed. Dumpster diving and recycle or scrap metal collection occurs immediately after the illicit chemicals are abused. Hording of broken and or semi functional electronic devices is common. This drug fiend holiday is often looked back upon with great nostalgia and fond memories.... If they can remember.
Dude last trimester's dwimplepeen was fucking outta control. I snorted a rail of Crystal the size of my pinky and went beserker scavenger on some recycles. I was so flailed I had to smoke some heroin and get smacked up to calm down and proceed with the festivies.
by Stew Pidassal March 31, 2020
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Female ejaculent.
After great sex with Camille, Brian’s cock was covered in her dwimplepeen.
by Ih8pandas February 9, 2019
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