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According to legend, in the time of Before Time, Saurus, Father of Sauron, ruled the universe with his Black Fist. Not only was he Lord of the Rings, he was Lord of the Necklaces, Lord of the Bracelets, and Lord of the Dance. He was a God to the Gods.
We attribute everything we have to him. With a stomp of his right foot, he created mountains. With a lick of his palm, he created Play-Doh. With a blink of his eye, he created Steve Jobs and thus...the Apple phenomenon.
As great a Being he was, he was marked with a stunningly beautiful trait of Modesty. He lived in a one-story hut by Santa Monica Beach with Steve Jobs. Nothing Big. He was a nice guy, but no one had ever had the courage to approach Saurus.
One day, an 89-year old man named Earth who was approaching his time decided that his dying goal was to see Saurus. Earth, all throughout life, had questioned the meaning of Life and so he rolled 5 miles in his wheelchair to see Saurus.
As he neared the final stretch, he was magically transported in a whirlwind of sand with Rave music playing from the Ocean Waves. If this was death, Earth loved it.
It seemed like eternity as he rolled to the beats of the Ocean, but it was only a few seconds in real time. Next thing he knew, Earth was face to face with Saurus. The mere presence of Saurus was true enlightenment for Earth and is not describable with words.
Earth got right to the point, "What is life? Why are we here?Why do we live?"
Saurus responded, "Dwensayzso."
Einstein's 'theory of relativity' was a remarkable breakthrough in the world of science, but a recent finding of Einstein's personal diary "Most Secret Secrets," showed that all that science gibberish translated to the one true answer : Dwensayzso.

Why is the sky blue? because Dwensayzso

Test-taking tip : Whenever taking an exam, you will never go wrong by marking "Dwensayzso."

Why is this so interesting? because Dwensayzso
by Dwensayzso July 02, 2010
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