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Verb; Conjuct - adjective - to describe a pending thought / decision

Its when your wavering and dwarbbling at the same time; to make a discussion; discussion in the round with others.

Can't make a decision - so it is to dwarbble along until all information points us to an answer.
You can also dwarbble; all by yourself; left / right/ updown/ side to side.
Definition: Dwarbbling ?- Inability to make a choice.

In the mean time, he dwarbbled his dwarrblings with his friends until the answer can to him.

What was that dwarbbling all about? Did you say something important about a specific topic .

We discussed all dwarbbling possiblities as we pondered the answer.
I might just dwarbble that until I discuss in total^e.
Let's Dwarbble that.

I am dwarrbling over which dress to wear to my date tonight?

I dwarrbled making a life changing moment; to be or not to be?

Stop dwarrbling over it. Make a decision.

Your a dwarbbling aren't ya?

He dwarbbled over the blonde or the brunette to date.
by Mazzygirl July 06, 2017
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