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A Dusty Donut is a sexual act in which one sexual partner sprinkles cocaine onto the other partners respected anal passageway before licking said passageway. This is so the mouth becomes numb due to the cocaine's anesthetic properties.
Jason was afraid of giving sharquiesha a rim job, so he snagged a sack of snow to flip a dusty donut.
by Dusty Donut November 20, 2017
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Must summon the ashes of a deceased grandmother (preferably yours or your sexual life partner) only then to sprinkle on to the sexual organ of your said respected specimen (living) to then set It on fire... Your mission: put out the fire via intercourse. Commence the dusty donut. Your welcome ;)
Hey Chester, are we using Ethal or Agetha this time for the the dusty donut?

Chester: Ehh, Ethal i think died older... The finer the wine, the better :)
by TheMadrian June 28, 2016
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