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A typically necessary rearrangement of ones attitude, actions, clothing style or general look, but most commonly a polite way for a good friend to casually mention that you are fucking up in an epic way and therefore require immediate correction before unintentionally embarassing yourself or your trusty friend. This can be further compounded when the possibility exists of you venturing into public or the presence of members of the opposite sex that you wish to someday sleep with, with a 'Dusty Lip'.

The origin of the term 'Dust Your Lip Off' is recognized by most historians as being traced back to ancient Eqypt when it was considered common to have a 'Dusty Lip' if you had not washed your face recently due to the frequency and severity of dust storms (sometimes referred to as 'Sand Storms' from the old Armic language, DaRude). Modern use of the term has evolved throughout the years, but has kept its original spirit of pointing out a flagrant social 'fauxpaux' that you are currently commiting by one of your friends with the desire to help, warn, or just sometimes humiliate you.
Examples Include: (Your friend notices you spending a considerable amount of time whining and complaining about your boy/girlfriend when its clearly obvious that he/she is a complete douch, prompting your friend to say: "Hey buddy...umm, you better stop talking bout that ole' worn out catchers mit you been datin or I'm gonna have to dust your lip off for ya...hear me?"

(You notice that your buddy is considering booty calling a member of the opposite sex that has proven him/herself as completely scandalous and trifling in countless ways, prompting you to say: "Dayum buddybuddybuddy...I know you aint had a girlfriend (or any nookie) in a while but I dunno bout you talkin to that outdated milk turd like you been doin all these years buddy...I might have to dust yer lip off fur ya..."
by Dirt Lip Jr. April 18, 2010
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