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That one park in Cordova Park that everyone goes to but doesn't really use. Kids usually just meet there and hang out under the gazebo. The basketball court is almost never used, along with the soccer goals. There are two Gazebos, a wood one and a big metal one. The smaller wood one is regularly painted over to hide graffiti but the next day it's back to normal. The big one is made of metal so there isn't much graffiti on it because spray paint doesn't really stick well to metal i guess and there are outlets on it. Just don't leave your chargers there because some prick will come along and steal it. Also make sure you aren't standing in one place for too long because ants are constantly swarming the place due to kids leaving food from Tom Thumb on the tables. Also a word of advice, if you ever hear someone yell "SWERVE GANG", run as fast as you can.

If you look really hard in the sand you can find,

1. Juul Pods

2. Ants

3. Rocks

4. Grass

5. Ants

6. More Ants

There are a lot of ants.
Yo lets go hang out at Dunwody Park.
by mtlf November 28, 2018
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