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A town in Western Australia in the South-West. Filled with rich people and their children. Unfortunately, 90% of people in Dunsborough under the age of 18 are mentally retarded. Most of these kids can be seen going to school in Busselton (Dunsborough does not have any high school because if they did it would just be a very large Ed Support - send them to Busso High instead). These poor-(rich)disadvantaged kids seem to all be under the impression that that they have great surf even though it is a ten of fifteen minute drive to any half-decent waves. The males can be easily and often confused with homosexuals with their skinny-jeans, hair straighteners, and bodyboards.
Dunsborough is almost as bad as "Nannup" and equally as bad as "Capel."
Busselton kid: Hey what did ya get up to last weekend?

Dunsborough kid: Man, I like bodyboarded for 20 hours. I would have done more, but you know how long it takes to straighten your hair twice a day...

Busselton kid: ummm.. no, not really..
by A Dunsborough Kid March 28, 2009
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Dunsborough is a small town in south-western Australia. it is nieghbours to busholeton (Busselton) , unlike its nieghbour Dunsborough people are normal they dont froth off burn outs or any gay bogan stuff like that legends come from dunsborough. many children from perth get their rich mummy and daddy to take them to dunsborough every holidays to harass the locals.
Kid 1"hey man wannu go chill in dunsborough these holidays go surf some smiths reef 1-2 foot"

Kid 2 "nah man last time i went the local kids laughed at my gay hair and my footy shorts"
by Mount Franklin May 18, 2010
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