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Obscured by the over-used terms, the Dingleberry and the Klingon, the Dung Tater is actually the more common occurrence of having small wads of toilet paper ("TP") fused together with fecal matter ("shit") matted to the hairs of one's anal crackage (the Dingleberry/Klingon is largely believed to be composed of pure fecal matter).
Pimp: Yo bitch! Lick the dingleberries outta my crack if you want more of my cocaine!
Crackwhore: Yo daddy, that ain't a dingleberry, that's a dung tater!
Pimp: How can you tell, m'lady?
Crackwhore: Cuz its nice 'n white and that's allllllright!
by truthandsoul January 07, 2014
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