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A ramshackle town in Upstate New York where you have to drive for at least 30 mins to another town if you don't want to buy stuff from a dumpster fire. Because of the state you live in, your taxes are bigger than the economy will ever be. You're also governed by Andrew Cuomo, an incompetent Democrat that only won 6 counties that weren't NYC during his election.
The census of the only school is smaller than Eminem's dick, so much so that the kids graduate knowing everybody in their class along with their inbred cousins. The school also tries to cut costs but wastes all of the extra money on their godawful football team while neglecting almost everything else (ex: forcing inexperienced kids to make an ad for the school because they can't afford a professional team/company). The population's not good at anything but hiding their drugs, because in every school locker nook and obese trailer trash's cranny, you'll find a gram or two of dust.

The restaurants sell their piles of horse shit for a price you'd expect from a 5-star restaurant despite 70% of the population living off of welfare and food stamps. Meanwhile any improvement that could be made is cockblocked by a mayor who nobody knows is the mayor, because he's so insignificant outside of only making bad decisions (and is now trying to get re-elected, with no resistance at all from the retarded townsfolk).
If you live here and have at least two brain cells, you'll know what I'm talking about.
"Mommy, why don't we just move to Dundee, NY?"
"I don't want you catching their autism. There's nothing to do there, the mayor is more nonexistent than Half Life 3, and every town around it is better."
by ShitpostAnon April 15, 2019
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Some town in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere. It has a couple high schools, where everyone only gets the equivalent of a second grade education. The school offers a few basic programs:

Ass Fucking
AP Ass Fucking

Also the area is riddled with drunks, hardcore alcoholics, stoners, and stinky nigger kids.
"Yo Man, You wanna roll up to Dundee, NY?"

"Nah, Fuck That Son, I don't want to get smoke bombed, raped, or both. . . at the same time."

Hi, I'm Jason
by Anonymous124545464 June 19, 2010
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