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Often seen goose stepping around Dundas Square in Toronto. The legendary D-Square Pimp patrols when he fucking pleases. It is rumoured that he protects and solicits most of the Square's buskers, including but not ltd. to: That guy dressed as Spiderman, Charlie the Drummer, The Robot Cowboy, Misc. Preachers (Christian, Muslim & The Black-Zion Jew Squad) as well as Rob Ford.

If you ever see his sharp yet buttery smooth silhouette approaching you, be sure to give him a high five and tell him Jackson Marsh is dead. (thnx)
Ignorant Child: Daddy, why is that man dressed like a swan?

Learned Father Figure: That's the Dundas Square Pimp, son. The meanest mother-fucker, with a heart of gold and grip full of lead.
by TheQGquibbler January 08, 2015
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