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A man who by all outward apperance is a square guy but really is one of the most down hard on a bitch motherfuckers you could imagine. An undercover pimp is one that may work a regular job (usually a very high paying one), not do drugs, and wouldn't consider pimping the everday street hooker or stripper because they would never make him the cash that he desires. This man pimps w his mind and doesn't need flashy clothes and Jewelery. He also never pays for pussy cause he dont need to because, well he's a pimp.
Example 1
Hoe: "Look at that pussy nerd lookin dude, he probaly don't ever get no girls cause he looks like a weak unconfident, pushover...hey honey you wanna have some fun?!?!?

Undercoverpimp: How Much

Hoe: $100

Undercover Pimp: (slaps the Hoe)..Bitch, you in violation. Give me your money and go get me some more bitches that got some money

Hoe: OK

Example 2
Potential Employer: Well there is nothing on this resume that says anything that remotely qualifies you for this job. I am afraid we will have to move foward with more qualified applicants.

Undercover Pimp: But I am an Undercover Pimp ya dig, don't worry about the resume and lets start gettin that money.

Potential Employer: Welcome aboard Partner. Lets start the paperwork.
by crispyrice August 13, 2010
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