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Talking to Talk

Attempting to be noticed, fit in or fill the quite by using ones own words.

A lot of words used but very little worthwhile is said.
While everyone else is watching a movie or having a logical conversation the person guilty of dumbversation continuously blurts out random comments about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING so that others will pay attention to them.

While others are discussing plans to go to an Italian restaraunt for dinner a dumbversator constantly butts in bringing up random fact about anything and everything. It would start with them mentioning an Italian resturant they had eaten at in the past with a waitress who had earings that reminded them of cuff links an uncle wore at their graduation. Then they go into detail about the graduation and the car they drove at that time. Then they start telling everyone how much gas cost at that time, 20 years ago.
by Mattchu Pichu December 27, 2010
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