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A person that isn't too bright. usually used as a joking insult, as it is hard to keep a straight face while saying this.
Luke: I can't believe i lost. It's all your fault chris!
Chris: How is it my fault? i wasn't even there!
Luke: Because you looked at me funny yesterday
Chris: i don't get it
Luke: Dumbfat
by Blackout0217 December 15, 2009
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A fat dumb gay sweaty person that tries to hide their weight even though you can see it and they are extremely insecure, even if they aren’t that fat. Usually a huge duch bag angus always bitching about every thing and always screams, often confused with autism and assburgers
That dumb fat? He’s the one that snitched in me for having weed
by DaAt WaAy June 12, 2018
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