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An extremely sudden, unorthodox, flailing punch where one of the assailant's feet lifts off of the ground when the punch is thrown. When throwing the dumb punch, the assailant throws his/her arm so far back it is only inches from the ground. Then, suddenly flails randomly in the direction of the victim almost looking like a sloppy superman.

The Dumb Punch occurs usually at Keggers, House parties, Bonfires, or any situation where someone makes a cross remark or comment towards another. Then the person suddenly snaps and without thinking, he commits the Dumb Punch.
Did you see Scooter, he totally Dumb Punched that guy when he found out he banged his babe.

I'm seriously going to Dumb Punch that guy if he continues to drink my beer.

Dumb Punching a bro is completely unacceptable, now a stranger, that's a different story.
by ScooterFTW March 08, 2014
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